Breaking news: USI’s late-breaking work at CHI 2019.

Some good news at USI! Our paper “Pseudo-haptic Controls for Mid-air Finger-based Menu Interaction” has been accepted for presentation as a Late-Breaking Work at CHI 2019 in Glasgow!

This work compares two visual approaches to mid-air finger-based menu control in VR environments: a planar User Interface (UI) similar to common 2D desktop UIs, and a pseudo-haptic UI based on physical metaphors. The results show that the pseudo-haptic UI performs better in terms of all tested aspects including workload, user experience, motion sickness and immersion.

This is the first public result of a collaboration with our colleagues Marco Speicher, Jan Ehrlich, Donald Degraen and Antonio Krüger from the DFKI (German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence) in Saarbrücken, Germany.

The work is based on an extensive library of UI widgets developed at DFKI, which expands beyond standard UI widgets available in Unity for VR development.

We at USI conducted part of the user studies here in Palermo, contributing at a cross-cultural validation.

Come to CHI 2019 for more details and to discover what’s next!

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