Playing Kandinskij

With “Playing Kandinskij”, our friend Angela Sottile expressed her idea on how to put together art and technology in a very original way.
She used the principles of synesthesia and 3D representation to let people use different senses, besides the sight or together with it, in the fruition of a paint. It is not just another 3D rendering of a 3D scene painted on a 2D canvas. Rather, it is the synesthetic interpretation of a paint with 2D contents only, to add the third dimension and thus leading to novel and unpredictable ways of fruition beyond imagination.
In this demo video, we can see the first realization of her idea applied on “Accent in Pink”, the famous abstract paint of Vasilij Kandinskij. Our group contributed to the realization of the 3D model in Autodesk Maya, also thanks to the work carried out by Priscila La Spada for her final thesis of the Postgraduate MA in Theatre, Cinema, and Multimedia Performance at the Università degli Studi di Palermo.
We plan to use the model to let visually impaired people enjoy the artwork by means of suitable 3D-printed versions of it. We also plan to include the model in a touchless holographic interface, for captivating, enchanting and interactive installations.

Stay tuned!

Angela Sottile is a passionate historian, multi-faceted open-minded artist, and technology enthusiast. Currently, she is the President of the City Museum of Castelbuono (Sicily).

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